¡vamos, simbiosis! reconnects humans to the sea through arts and science to inspire change towards a more sustainable future. 

Inspired by the principle of symbiosis, the project brings together scientists, artists and society to discuss and develop ideas for a more sustainable relationship with oceans and marine life.

The project responds to the United Nations (UN) sustainable development goal (SDG) to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources, as well as to the UN  initiative The Ocean Decade (2021-2030)

Exhibition of the project in May 2023 at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (LMU)

Documentary film by Axel Warnstedt and Tobias Brehmer, 2023

The ¡vamos, simbiosis! pilot project took place in Águilas from 26 September 2022 until 7 October 2022

Documentary film by Axel Warnstedt and Tobias Brehmer, 2023

¡vamos, simbiosis! reconnects humans to the sea through arts and science to inspire change towards a more sustainable future. 

The sisters, Annika Guse and Stephanie Guse are the initiators of !vamos, simbiosis!

Annika is a molecular biologist at Heidelberg University working on coral symbiosis and Stephanie is a free-lance artists and designer based in Vienna addressing societal issues by various artistic means.

Annika and Stephanie believe that our well-being depends on the understanding that we are part of the global ecosystem. Using interdisciplinarity, knowledge exchange and creativity, they want to raise awareness and develop novel concepts for a sustainable future. They have experience in interdisciplinary projects and invented the communication method Thinking Hands to work across disciplines and communicate with the public.

Since early childhood, Annika and Stephanie have a deep connection to the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal town Águilas. They are supported by an extraordinary founding team of colleagues and friends from the science and art world who share their love of the Mediterranean. Together, they are assembling a group of outstanding, international artists and scientists to exploit diverse disciplinary knowledge and approaches to co-create transformative arts and ideas together with the local community. 

!vamos, simbiosis! is part of the interdisciplinary Marsilius Kolleg (MK) at Heidelberg University. The MK aims to build bridges between distinct academic disciplines and fosters research-based dialog to address pressing issues of our times. 

Marsilius Kolleg, Heidelberg University, Germany

Booklet & Art Edition

Join us on the Blue Orange Book release on Friday the 5th of November 2021 via live stream: the link will be published here soon!

Get one of 50 signed copies by Kristina Heldmann and Stefan Michaelsen who beautifully illustrated this art edition available in English, Spanish and German! Save your signed copy for 25 EUR!

This art book tells the story of the „round men” dating back to Platon. These men were split into two halves and are now on the search for their counterpart to re-create unity for a fulfilling partnership.

We feel that the orange cut in half is a significant visual for this project and consider this principle as trendsetting to achieve unity between humans and ecosystems and thus a symbiotic lifestyle. As the Spanish call they spouse the half of the orange (media naranja) this added another symbolic aspect to the story.

Art edition booklet The Blue Orange. Inspired by historian Nikolas Jaspert, illustration, design and storytelling: Kristina Heldmann & Stefan Michaelsen

Available now: Photo art edition

Photo art edition The sea does not suck, 2020

This art piece is a collaboration of the scientists Annika Guse and Silvia Urbansky and the artists Fabian Gasperl and Stephanie Guse. The idea and modelscaping is science-based while staging and photography evolved through an artistic process.

Making of photo art I
Making of photo art II

It illustrates the current over-exploitation of the natural resources of the Mediterranean Sea through human actions by staging an especially designed 3-D model of the Mediterranean Sea that is filled with jelly and straws. It reminds us of fun drinks at the beach during summer holidays, yet questions our attitude towards the use of marine resources.

To us, this represents the starting point of the project from which we develop new models for a symbiotic lifestyle.

Photo art edition The sea does not suck (2020), 40 x 60 cm, high-quality Fuji Crystal photoprint, mounted on 2 mm aludibond and protected by 2 mm acryl. The hanging system is integrated. Production: Whitewall, Germany

Idea: Annika and Stephanie Guse, modelscaping: Silvia Urbansky, staging and photography: Fabian Gasperl and Stephanie Guse

Price: 300,- EUR

(incl. tax and shipping – 100% profit to the project ¡Vamos, simbiosis!)