Artists and scientists (in alphabetical order)

Alejandro Sánchez Alvarado, scientist and executive director Stowers Institute, Kansas City

Alejandro investigates how regeneration of tissues, for example after wounding, works at the molecular and cellular level. By doing so, he contributes to understanding how organisms grow and develop.

Alejandro is a science pioneer with a unique ability to inspire. He is able to transform molecular knowledge into amazing stories of biology, exciting science nerds and lay people alike. His art of communication and establishing social connections will build bridges between disciplines, languages, and people coming from very different realities, a vital aspect of the project. 

Andreas Bergmann, industrial designer, Berlin

Andreas’ super power is to create dynamic and vibrant communication spaces like TV studios. Building up on his expertise to design broadcast stations such as Deutsche Welle, he will be leading the conceptualisation and realisation of the Symbiosis Studio. Website

Javier Espinosa, painter, Águilas

Javier is an artist and diver. He transforms his passion about the underwater world into vibrant paintings like the lately opended public mural at the Centro de Interpretacion del Mar-Aquarium (CIMAR) at Águilas.

His passion for the sea makes him perfect to contribute to this project and we are looking forward to experience and learn with Javier about the spirit of sea and arts.

Kristina Heldmann, illustrator, Berlin

Kristina writes and illustrates stories focusing on family life, the environment and sustainability. Her latest book „Ohne Eis kein Eisbär“ on global warming was published in 2020. Website

Kristina’s illustrations are unique, full of colors and resemble artistic paintings. She brought our logo, The Blue Orange, and the story behind, to life. She cares deeply for nature and is highly empathic, which makes her a great team player.

Michael Lehner, product designer and art educator, Berlin

Michael creates objects for private and public spaces that are elegant, yet invite to play and to touch. Check out his Wackelschaf/Wobble Sheep.

Michael has an incredible sense for materials and communication skills. With ease, he creates atmospheres to make everybody feel connected and inspired. With Andreas Bergmann, he will co-develop the Symbiosis Studio.

Stefan Michaelsen, designer, Essen

Transfering structures and stories into stunning graphics is Stefan’s key focus. For example, in 2020 he designed an exhibition for the centre of nature conservation Alfsee.

We love his consequently structured approach and his design of The Blue Orange logotype and art booklet. Moreover he is highly experienced in Thinking Hands and therefore we appreciate him as an artistic moderator of that process in the upcoming Symbiosis Studio.

Daniela Mühlbauer, choreographer and dancer, Vienna

Daniela is a dancer and choreographer working with ensembles of Viennese theatres like Burgtheater. Lately she upgraded to a Nuad Yoga guide to help her clients better balancing everyday life, body work and relaxation.

Her sensibility for expressing moods and ideas through performance, and her professionality in stage productions make her a perfect match for us to embody the idea of symbiosis by artistic means.