Founding team

I want to excite you about the marine world.  I believe that experience, science and story-telling will lead the way to a symbiotic partnership between us and the environment.

Prof. Dr. Annika Guse, Heidelberg, Cell Biologist, Coral Symbiosis Researcher, Diver

I believe that art could help profoundly to make urgent social issues tangible and that interdisciplinarity is the way to solve them.

Dr. Stephanie Guse, Vienna, Artist and Water Lover

The Mediterranean informs our present, but it also has a past that is exciting and influences our lives to these very days. Let‘s cooperate to ensure that it also has a future!

Prof. Dr. Nikolas Jaspert, Heidelberg, Historian and Mediterraneanist Researcher, Diver

Colours and scents, plants and beasts, people and culture – the Mediterranean fills me with deep love and admiration. I would like to share this affection through words and images, so all of us will set out to protect this irreplaceable treasure.

Kristina Heldmann, Berlin, Illustrator, Author, Nature Lover

Bringing together arts, sciences and humanities leads us to a deeper understanding of both nature and culture in the Mediterranean region. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to learn about off-the-beaten-track approaches to preserve this unique living environment.

Tobias Just, M.A., Heidelberg, Director Marsilius Kolleg

The sea is not just a place inhabited with life. It contains histories and futures, memories and traces. It is the lived experience of many. I believe that through co-creation we can reveal such experiences and act on the ecological and social urgencies of the Mediterranean.

Dr. Roos Gerritsen, Heidelberg, Anthropologist, Storyteller, Wanderer

The marine world is full of wonders and never ceases to amaze. Let’s discover and experience the underwater environment together through art and science.

Drs. Kirsten Krans, Groningen, Marine Biologist, , director dance platform Random Collision

It is easiest for us to protect the things we know and love. Therefore, I am excited to properly introduce you to the fascinating ecosystem that is the Mediterranean Sea.

Malu Antrobus-Thorweihe, Heidelberg, Conservation Ecologist, Environmental Educator, Diver

Everyone has the potential to make a difference, act sustainably and protect ecosystems. Be active and passionate, like we are for the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Dr. Silvia Urbansky, Heidelberg, Molecular and Developmental, Biologist, Terrascaper, 3D enthusiast

Fabian Gasperl, BA, Vienna, Photographer

To me, communication between general public and academic research is a constituent base of a prospering society. To stay in touch, the arts may provide a much needed universal language during times of increasing social and scientific challenges.

Prof. Dr. Steffen Lemke, Heidelberg, Evolution Biologist

Reconnect people to nature, let them fall in love with their environment, because humans most likely will protect what they love.

Utz A.-Thorweihe, Heidelberg, Actor, Founder Europeans for Climate Association

Curiosity doesn’t kill the cat. Curiosity leads us to the most amazing experiences and it is the engine that moves humanity forward to explore and discover the beauty of nature. It is with curiosity – and a great deal of creativity – that I wish to bring you in an amazing journey in the Mediterranean Sea, where biodiversity, culture and arts meet.

Dr. Marzia Sidri, Heidelberg, Biologist, Project Manager and Mediterranean Enthusiast

Art is an important means of communication transporting images, emotions, and stories. This is the task the artistic side of the project embarks on: to provide space for a joint intervention of artists and researchers, in which issues of the Mediterranean are placed within vicinity of the public to be interacted with in a variety of ways.

Paula Marschalek, BA MAS, Vienna, Art Historian, Cultural Manager,, Networker